Five-year review of social work law (Macau Daily)


The "Social Work Law", which is under consideration by the Second Standing Committee of the Legislative Council, will have a five-year review period. Earlier, the group recommended a three-year review.

The second regular meeting renewed the "Social Workers Professional Qualification Recognition and Registration System" bill at 10:30 am yesterday. Social Workers Director Huang Yanmei and others attended the meeting. The chairman of the committee, Chen Zewu, said after the meeting that the provisions of the “Declaration of Objections and Appeals” in Chapter V of the Act suggest that interested parties may file a statement of objection to the resolution of the Social Welfare Association. Some members are concerned whether the courses and ethical codes set by the Social Welfare Association can be appealed. The Government agrees that if there is no matter what the size can appeal, the Social Welfare Association and the Social Welfare Bureau will have a large workload and the Government will improve the appeal provisions.

The bill also proposes that if the identity information of the social worker or the employer changes, the social work bureau must be notified within 30 days, otherwise the fine is 500 yuan. Some members asked if the time would be too short? The Bureau advocates that social work is always sensitive and should be rigorous. Hong Kong will notify the authorities within 15 days. The bill is relatively loose on the 30th. The social work group earlier advocated the "social work law" to set up a review period. The Government has promised to join the review system, but it is not three years, but five years. The government's position is that the term of the social society will be five years, reviewed annually, and the final report will be written five years later. Chen Zewu pointed out that members have no objection to the review period and will not think it is too long.

The second regular meeting has completed the first phase of the detailed review of the bill, and the Legislative Council and the government advisory group will meet to improve the provisions. The government then updated the working text based on the comments of the committee. It is said that the authorities have done a lot of work and believe that a new text can be submitted soon.