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The Second Session recognizes that the Bureau of Social Security intends to relax and that the prisoners will not be registered or changed by social workers for three years (Macau Daily)


Was sentenced to three years in prison or more, even if it is a crime of negligence, and does not contradict the social work profession, should it be allowed to become a registered social worker? Many Members have earlier agreed that the requirement to not register is too strict and the Social Welfare Bureau will consider whether to relax the registration conditions.

The Second Standing Committee of the Legislative Council resumed the "Social Workers' Professional Qualification Recognition and Registration System" bill at 3 pm yesterday. Social Workers' Director Huang Yanmei and Deputy Director Han Wei attended the meeting.

The chairman of the second regular meeting, Chen Zewu, and the secretary, Huang Jiechi, said after the meeting that the bill proposed to implement crimes that contradicted the social work profession, and those who were found to have imprisonment or fines of less than three years were not registered social workers (except those who have been reinstated according to law). “Being sensitive to the industry, be generous, and your registration system is generous.”

If a crime is committed and the judgment is determined to be imprisoned for three years or more, it is also not possible to register. The Second Standing Committee believes that this regulation is too strict and it is felt that if the crime is unintentional and there is no conflict with the social work profession, it should be registered. The authorities said that the three-year sentence of imprisonment in Macao was mostly a serious crime, and it was possible to register after the "washing" of the year. When consulting the social industry, there was no objection to the provision. However, many members have comments on this provision and the authorities will consider amendments.

In terms of academic recognition, the Administration has stated that in the future, it will improve the definition of social work and the definition of basic subjects in the text, so that students who are studying or intending to enroll in the social work department are aware of which are mandatory subjects for registered social workers. The Australian Institute of Technology, City University, and St. Joseph University have social work departments. The three schools have already met, and a joint social work program will be established in the future to ensure graduates are eligible for registration.

The Act also provides for disciplinary action, which may be subject to written application, fines and compulsory suspension of registration for disciplinary social workers. The Commission and the authorities have perfected the application of violations such as “the service users suffer non-property damage” and “seriously damage the professional reputation of social workers”, so as to avoid being too vague. “The system is too loud in public places, which constitutes a reputation for damage. The system is swearing and swearing? In this case, I hope the government can explain it clearly. The second regular meeting will be held again with the government on April 4, and the updated text of the bill is being prepared.