"Social Workers Professional Qualification Recognition and Registration System - Expert Group" to go to Hong Kong for the Bible (Social Work Bureau News)


Under the leadership of the Expert Group Coordinator and the Deputy Director of the Social Work Bureau, Mr. Han Wei, the Social Work Committee's "Professional Qualification and Registration System for Social Workers" was visited by the Social Work Committee. The good experience of the local social worker registration system serves as a reference for the development of the social work system in Macao.

The delegation was warmly received by the Chairman of the Hong Kong Council of Social Workers Registration Board, Mr. Lun Zhiwei, members Mr. Ma Jinhua, Mr. Xu Zongsheng, and Li Rongbo, and the staff of the Hong Kong Social Workers Registration System and related work, social work professional qualifications, social work ethics and disciplinary procedures. Policy measures such as continuing education and professional development. Deputy Director Han Wei thanked the Hong Kong Social Workers Registration Office for his valuable comments and believed that it would be of great benefit to the development of the social work system in Macao and help promote exchanges and cooperation between the two places.

Also attending the meeting were Director Deng Jiefang of the Social Work Bureau, Director of the Professional Development and Planning Division, Mr. Leung Ka Fai, Director of the Law and Translation Division, Mr Wong Chui Wah, Director of the Feng Zihua Centre of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Mr. Hui Huiping, Technical Officer of the Health Bureau, and Director of the Chen Genjin Course of the Macau Polytechnic Institute. Director of the Macao Women's Federation, Director Hu Huaiyan, Director of the Macao Trade Union Confederation, Director Xiao Shaowen, Director of the Macao Ming Ai Li Miaoling, Director General of the Macau Methodist Church, Chen Yusheng, Macao Catholic Family Association, Mr. Huang Zhengwei, Director Yang Jiayin, Macau Chairman of the Medical Social Work Professional Association Zhang Shaoyu, Chairman of the Macao Social Workers Association Wu Yunfeng and Director Zhong Xiaoxiao, Coordinator of the Association of Macao Neighborhood Association Lin Minzhi, Member of the Social Work Committee District Zhiqiang, and the Association of Macao Neighborhood Association Yunhan Deputy Service Director, Director of the Department of Downing, St. Joseph University, etc.