Social worker professional qualification system advocates five-year inspection (Macau Daily)


The Second Standing Committee of the Law Society signed the "Social Qualification System for Social Workers" bill yesterday morning. Chen Zewu, Chairman of the Second Regular Meeting, is expected to submit a meeting of the Legislative Council next week for detailed consideration.

He introduced that the bill mainly regulates civil society workers, but it does not apply to public social workers, that is, it still maintains "one special two systems." At the same time, the bill proposes a "five-year inspection."

Chen Zewu said that the old name of the bill is "Social Qualification Recognition and Registration System for Social Workers" and will be renamed the "Social Qualification System for Social Workers" bill because the old name does not cover the entire contents of the bill. The government and the committee agree to change their names. .

He also said that public social workers are required to abide by the public service legal system to ensure that the personnel they perform have the qualifications and expertise required for their duties. However, civil society workers do not have any legal regulatory professional certification. The Qualification System fills the legal gap.

He mentioned that the bill proposes to maintain "one special two systems", that is, there are two sets of civil social workers and public social workers. The government promises to actively consider the connection between public social workers and civil society. At the same time, under the recommendation of the Commission, the bill has added a “five-year inspection” clause, that is, the Social Work Bureau must formulate a report on the implementation of this law five years after the effective date of this law.