The “social work profession” is required to be registered in accordance with the regulations, and the public service social worker exemption is only called (Macau Daily)


The Second Standing Committee of the Legislative Council yesterday deliberated on the "Social Workers' Professional Qualification Recognition and Registration System" bill. The Chairman of the Committee, Chen Zewu, said that the government submitted the latest working text on Friday, one of which was proposed to be a social worker ( It is called a social work occupation. It must be registered in accordance with the provisions of this law, but it is not applicable to public administrators who perform social work duties. That is, public social workers cannot register, they can only have the title of social workers, and there is no legal protection and legal status.

Those who do not register include those who do not have the requirements, those who are not qualified to practice, those who are not self-produced, and those who are newly added to public administration. That is to say, there is still a "one-two system" for public social workers and non-public social workers. Since there is no special job at present, the bill will be reviewed after five years. It is not excluded that there will be a big change after five years, and the special duties of public social workers will be established. Changed to "one-on-one system."

The new text also clearly identifies the content of the complaints to the Social Welfare Association, including the application for the professional qualifications of the Social Welfare Association, the training courses for the repairs and the cancellation of registration, that is, the resolutions related to social workers can be appealed, and the interested parties can Within 15 days of being notified, a dissenting objection will be filed to the Social Welfare Association or a judicial appeal will be filed with the Administrative Court within 30 days. For example, if the Social Welfare Association does not approve the professional qualification application of the relevant person, or considers that it is unreasonable to make up the class for more hours, or the resolution to cancel the registration can appeal, as for the administrative procedure, it is not possible to appeal.

Chen Zewu said that the committee should draft and submit an official letter to the official text submitted by the government, and hopes to sign the opinion in the middle of next month.